May 02, 2023

Property Hunting in Pattaya

Property Hunting in Pattaya

Discovering a suitable home can be a difficult task regardless of where you reside, but it can be particularly demanding in Pattaya, and indeed throughout Thailand.

In contrast to the United States, Canada, and various other nations, Thailand has an unrestricted listing policy. This means that a property owner can list their property with numerous agencies simultaneously, with the belief that more agents would increase the likelihood of selling. However, we will delve into this matter later. For now, let us examine some of the techniques individuals employ to search for homes in the Pattaya region.

Word of mouth and Referrals

Believe it or not word of mouth and referrals is still an excellent way to find a home. Pattaya has a vibrant night life and a lot of expat clubs and groups so sometime simply mentioning that you are looking for or selling a house or condo can generate quite a few properties for you to view or potential buyers for your property. Of course, at Coastal Real Estate we love referrals from past clients and friends. It means we are doing our job and people are confident that if they send us a client we will do our best to help them.

Driving around

I understand that in the 21st century, the internet is the go-to resource for most people, and it's uncommon for individuals to drive around looking for a house. However, you might be surprised to learn that quite a few home buyers and renters still enjoy driving around the neighborhoods they like, searching for signs indicating a house for rent or sale.

Although this approach can be time-consuming, and it isn't as practical if you're searching for condos, many quality properties are still sold or rented out with nothing more than a sign on the gate. Therefore, our agents strive to persuade homeowners who list their properties with us to allow us to put up our "for sale" or "for rent" signs at their homes because it is still an effective way to attract attention.

Moreover, going back to the word of mouth technique, anyone who walks or drives past the home may not be actively seeking to buy, but they could pass the information on to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. As a result, this old-fashioned approach remains effective, even with the advent of the internet.

Visiting an Agency

Placing signs in their windows with their latest rental and sale offerings is a common practice among agencies located on streets with high pedestrian traffic. This strategy can effectively catch the attention of people looking for a new home. Our former office on Soi Diana was able to successfully close many deals by having people come in after seeing the signs in our windows. Whether they were interested in the advertised property or something else, it was a great starting point to start the conversation. If you have the time, visiting a local agency can be a beneficial way to gather information and begin your property search. We encourage individuals to visit our office in Pattaya for a chat about real estate, despite our location not being heavily trafficked by pedestrians. We have ample parking available and are always eager to assist with any inquiries.

The Internet

The Internet is the go-to option for finding a new home in Pattaya, with hundreds of agencies having websites where you can browse properties in your preferred location or development. However, it's essential to exercise caution as the property you're interested in may no longer be available or may have a different price. Some agencies don't update their listings regularly, and some even leave unavailable properties on their sites to trick you into buying or renting something else.

If you have listed your property with Coastal Real Estate, you can rest assured that our dedicated team keeps in touch with property owners to ensure that our listings are accurate and up to date.

It's a common misconception that bigger property websites with more listings are always better. Some sites display a vast number of properties, including duplicate listings from multiple agencies, which may be misleading. The same property can be listed at different prices, and if the original agency fails to update their site, the information on secondary sites can be incorrect. Some agencies even list the same property multiple times to increase their chances of getting inquiries.

Furthermore, some popular property websites in Thailand do not research or add new developments, resulting in missed opportunities for users to learn about new housing or condo projects. Some of these sites have also stopped displaying logos of the agencies, making it harder for users to know who they are dealing with. Therefore, having the most extensive listing of properties doesn't always equate to the best or most reliable website.

Social Media

If you're a Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media user, you may have come across advertisements for houses and condos available in Pattaya. If you're in the Pattaya or Bangkok area, you might have even seen our ads. Various agencies and individual agents regularly post properties for sale or rent on these platforms, making it a great way to attract potential clients. While the selection may be limited compared to an agency's window display, it's still a good way to see which agencies are active in the market.

In conclusion, we recommend that you visit an agency's website directly to begin your property search. This is because the agency's website will be up-to-date, and its staff will be knowledgeable if they're professional. There are many ways to look for properties in Pattaya, but we feel that starting with an agency's website is the best approach.

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The Jewel Pratumnak

May 29, 2023

The Jewel PratumnakExperience the ultimate in luxury living with The Jewel Pratumnak, a stunning condo development located in the sought-after Pratumnak area of Pattaya. This exclusive development offers a wide variety of sizes and types of condos, including beautiful corner units and penthouses that provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area.The spacious units are designed with raised ceiling heights and innovative room layouts that maximize floor space and provide ample living areas. The interiors feature subtle earth tones that provide a perfect balance of sophistication and modern style. Whether you're looking for a cozy one bedroom unit or a spacious three-bedroom unit, The Jewel has something to offer for everyone.Every unit comes with top-of-the-line fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms, including elegant mosaic tiling and sleek glass shower doors. The built-in kitchens feature high-quality composite surfaces and top-of-the-line appliances that make cooking a breeze. The bedrooms come complete with fitted wardrobes, providing ample storage space and a touch of elegance. Location, Location, LocationThe Jewel Pratumnak boasts an excellent location that offers a multitude of dining options and entertainment venues right at your doorstep. Indulge in exquisite culinary experiences at renowned restaurants such as The Sky Gallery, The Chocolate Factory, and Oxygen Pattaya, all within close proximity to the development. These establishments provide a range of flavors and cuisines, ensuring that every dining preference is catered to.For those seeking a more laid-back dining experience, the area surrounding The Jewel Pratumnak is dotted with casual restaurants, where you can savor local delicacies or international fare in a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, you'll find an array of massage shops and entertainment businesses nearby, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your leisure time with ease.One of the highlights of The Jewel Pratumnak's location is its close proximity to the beach. A short walk will lead you to pristine sandy shores, where you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the shoreline.Transportation is also convenient, with taxis readily available in the area. Whether you're heading to nearby attractions, exploring the vibrant city of Pattaya, or simply running errands, you'll find transportation options easily accessible, making it effortless to navigate the area.Embrace the perfect combination of luxurious living, culinary delights, and convenient amenities at The Jewel Pratumnak, where you can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle in one of Pattaya's most desirable locations.Units Still AvailableIn addition, it's worth noting that The Jewel Pratumnak is selling out quickly, with only about 20 units left for sale. These remaining units are incredibly reasonably priced, making it an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in a luxurious property. The developer has already obtained the chanotes, ensuring a smooth ownership transfer process, and there is still foreign quota available, allowing international buyers to take advantage of this exceptional development.Don't miss your chance to experience the ultimate in luxury living at The Jewel Pratumnak. Act now to secure one of the few remaining units and enjoy the unparalleled lifestyle and breathtaking views offered by this sought-after condo development.

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Is it worth Buying a Condo in Pattaya?

Feb 07, 2023

Is it worth Buying a Condo in Pattaya?The answer to the question ‘Is it worth buying a condo in Pattaya’ depends on several factors, some of which we will look at in this article. The first thing to consider is, do you want to live in it or buy it as an investment? If you hope to live in the property, you need to be sure you like the area and can see yourself living there for x-number of years. If buying as an investment property, you will need to research the area you are looking at and make sure it’s an area that people want to live/invest in. Without further ado, let's have a more in-depth look at what you need to consider when looking for a condo for sale in Pattaya.Location, Location, LocationPattaya is a huge city and growing all the time with developments seemingly going up in every area so there is plenty of choice in all areas of the city. These areas can be broken down into four, namely:Central Pattaya - The epicenter and most developed area of Pattaya which is heavily populated by both tourists and expats with the infrastructure that supports them. An infinite range of shopping, dining and entertainment options as well as the world-famous beach are features that are attractive to expats and tourists alike. There are a wide range of properties in this area which makes it one of the most popular locales to look for condos for sale in Pattaya, Thailand.Jomtien/Jomtien Beach - This is a quieter area that still benefits from a strong infrastructure and a decent beach. Many expats choose to look for a beachfront condo for sale in Jomtien because it’s not as hectic as Central Pattaya but still offers good shopping, clean air, a more sedate entertainment scene and good transport links to the rest of the city.East Pattaya - The property in East Pattaya is generally lower in price and offers somewhat of an ‘in the country’ atmosphere despite being easily accessible to other areas of Pattaya. East Pattaya is often favored by families due to the larger properties at good prices and its proximity to international schools and family-oriented entertainment options.North Pattaya - North Pattaya can generally be considered to be the well-heeled part of the city and boasts high-end, luxurious condo developments as well as great shopping options. Pattaya condo prices in this part of the city tend to be higher than elsewhere but this is generally reflected in the quality and the location of the developments.Try before you Buy If you are serious about finding a condo for sale in Pattaya you will probably be well acquainted with the city already but if not, spend time in the city's different locales and say to yourself, ‘Could I see myself living here’ to come to an informed decision. Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of Central Pattaya, the more laid-back beachside vibe of Jomtien or the relatively quiet East Pattaya? The choice is ultimately yours to make. Getting the Advice you Need The most important thing you need when deciding if it is worth buying a condo in Pattaya is local advice from an experienced real estate company. They will be able to warn you about the potential pitfalls of buying in certain areas and of course keep you updated about local market prices. In our opinion, buying a condo in Pattaya is worth it. The 21st century infrastructure, transport links to other parts of the country, world leading hospitals and schools as well as all the shopping, dining and entertainment options you could ever possibly want are here, and that’s without mentioning the beaches and year round sunshine! These obvious benefits equally apply to any investment property you are considering as well. Regardless of if you're looking for a Pattaya beach condo for sale, a place in East Pattaya or a Jomtien Beach condominium for sale with stunning sea views, the team at Coastal Real Estate are ready and waiting to be your trusted real estate partner in Pattaya. Call us today if you have any questions, need some advice, or would like to view one of our featured condos.

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Coastal Around Town - Cafe Blu in South Pattaya

Oct 03, 2022

In this episode of Coastal Around Town Mohawk and part of the Coastal team visit Cafe Blu in South Pattaya.The European, Italian, Thai fusion menu at Cafe Blue has something to satiate just about every palate.The selection of available cocktails paired with the creativity of the bar tending staff makes your drink options one of the best in Pattaya.As Mohawk mentions in the video Cafe Blu offers the same high quality as Cafe Des Amis but at a friendlier price.One of our favorite dishes (although not in the video) is the Wagyu Lasagna which is a must try for lovers of Italian food. Just a tip though if you are thinking about lasagna, they sell out of it almost every day, so try to get there early or make a request when making a reservation.The excellent food and drinks are only part what makes Cafe Blu such a great dining experience.The ambiance of the restaurant is second to none. The large booths are very comfortable, the bar is as friendly and inviting and the music selection is awesome.Cafe Blu will surely become one of your go-to restaurants after your first visit.Cafe Blu is located on the second floor of the Arcadia Beach condominium Soi 9 Thappraya, almost next door to Cafe Des Amis and has ample parking for cars and motorbikes. The location can be found here are open from 11:15 am to 10:00 pm (the kitchen closes at 9:00) Tuesday through Sunday.Reservations can be made by calling 038 197 870 or you can send them an email or send them a message on their Facebook page